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Looking for an easy way to get stuff for free?  Use this page to win free prizes from  The best part?  You don’t even need to be a member.

This page is essentially an online slot machine for you.  Simply promote by sharing our website on one of your social media accounts, blogs or websites.  Each time you share our site, you earn one free “spin” or a chance to win a free prize.  Every day, we randomly select multiple submissions and reward whoever shared our site with free prizes and cash rewards.


Get Free Stuff - - Slot Machine - Random Prizes


Prizes and Rewards Include:

  • Cash Bonus sent directly to your email from PayPal ($25, $50, $100) *Exisiting Members Receive Cash Bonus Amount x3
  • Free, Paid Accounts for popular websites
  • Free, Paid Accounts for
  • Registered Licenses for expensive software programs
  • Discount Coupons for various online items
  • DollarDrip T-Shirts and other cool stuff

Did you tell people about  Prove it!  Use the form below to provide your email (where you will be notified if you win) and the URLs (one-per-line) where we can see you sharing our site.  Don’t have a link?  Take a screenshot and attach it to the form.